The Aetheriser

The Aetheriser - The fabulous power of the aether in to your own laboratory...
The Aetheriser is a contraption of great ingenuity developed in his exploratorium by the famous Professor Extreme.

The Aetheriser works using principles devised by Nicola Tesla himself. By taking power from your own alternating accumulator supply the Aeitheriser will magnify these voltages and deliver them into a small compact area.

Combined with the well known methods of resonant inductance voltage multiplication an accumulation electrical force is created. This concentration of electrical essence ruptures the very fabric of the luminisiforous aether itself allowing direct viewing of etheritic discharge without any other apparatus.

(Viewing with goggles is of course recommended)

Once a solid aeither fountain has developed on the terminal of the Aetheriser machine aetheric experiments may be performed directly on the luminisiforous aether itself.

Be aware that an effluvium of aether will persist around the Aetheriser and will endow metalic objects in the vicinity an electric charge capable of illuminating gas filled phials at some distance.

A light weight rotor affixed to a pin bearing on top of the Aetheriser will circumvolve expeditiously, propelled purely by the high pressure out-pouring of luminisifierous aether.

Be warned that without aether-proof gauntlets, direct contact with the aetheric fountain will cause involuntary movements of great vigour and conflagrate the skin on contact.