The Aetheriser

A trestsie on the manipulation of the Aetheriser and a guide to Aetherisation
On connecting the alternating accumulator the fundamental and subsequent coil commence to pulse as the aetheric energy starts to build.

Setting the Transilliance
Using the mechanism button the desired transilliance can be selected. The Transilliance lamp will flash confirming the selection. Manipulating the aetherise button will enable The difference engine to initiate the process for building the aether into the desired form. Manipulating the aetherise button again will stop the aetheritc discharge.

As aether energy can be inducted into nearby objects care should be taken to not touch any local metalwork or any part of the aetheriser contraption.

There are five transilliance settings
1.) Low power initialisation.

2.) High Frequency Continious

3.) TBD

4.) TBD

5.) Full Range Demonstration - Stand back, engage your goggles and watch the spark emanations.

These are set by multiple manipulation of the mechanism button.
Hazards to the Operator
The aetheriser does use large concentrations of electrical accumulation. Applying these to the person is not conducive to the continuation of life and so contact with the aetheriser whilst in operation should be avoided.

Having been constructed from the fineist materials that were available at the time at zero or near to zero cost, the aetheriser may explode at any time.

The aetheriser was not built with the safety of the operator in mind so the use of a good henchman is strongly advised.