The Aetheriser

The Real Aetheriser - a Steampunk Solid State Tesal Coil
The Aetheriser
The Aetheriser is a modern microprocessor controlled steampunk tesla coil e.g. built to look like a late 19th century laboratory artifact.

Parts of the Aetheriser
The main components of the aetheriser are detailed below.

The Real Aetheriser

Breakout Point
The breakout point is made from a steel pin usually used for parchment craft. It has a very hard ball end so is capable of coping with the heat from 2KW of power when the aetheriser is at full power. The idea is that the arcs come from this point and nowhere else, In this it is only partially successful.


The topload is made from two circular sheets of aluminium and 16 x 5mm diameter copper pipes formed into a donut shape. This acts to create capacitance to resonate with the secondary and to protect the secondary coil from the arcs by creating a protective electrostatic field.


Secondary Coil
The secondary coil is a 75mm diameter cardboard tube varnished and then wound with 900 turns of 0.125mm copper wire. The coil is then coated in string for effect and to cover a really lousy varnish job.

Primary Coil
A 4 inch former with 20 turns of 0.5mm wire forms the primary for effect the former is covered with black leather and the coil is held up with string. The primary coil is held at the correct height with four salt pots with brass collars. Each of the salt pots is topped with aluminium foil covered wooden balls and filled with plastic beads. These beads are illuminated by a set of pulsating blue LEDs from under the base.

Primary Coil

The coil is controlled by a small microprocessor. This sets the power, the modulation frequency and on/off times to give the different forms of arc output. These are set by two push buttons on the front panel Mechinisam and Aetherise.

The coil is driven with 4 x IRP460 MOSFET's in a full bridge. This in turn is powered from full rectified mains smoothed with a 400uF 400v capacitor.

The case is an aluminium box for shielding, clad in 3 ply wood with brass corners for effect. The coils stand on a plinth made from leather coated MDF.

Driver and Microprocessor

The coil is illuminated with 12 blue LED lights that, driven from the microprocessor, pulsate when power is applied to the coil.

Led Illumination